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Position: Computer Programmer



  • Create, test, modify, evaluate and troubleshoot development code for computer programs and mobile applications to improve software quality and performance.
  • Provide clients with reporting, project communication, estimations, documentation, requirements, and custom software development and automation programs.
  • Write, test, debug, document, deploy and maintain robust code; review code written by other programmers; adhere to programming and documentation policies.
  • Write, review, rewrite and maintain computer programs and software packages in .NET 6+ C#, C++ 20+to improve operational efficiency, maximize productivity and function more securely.
  • Build responsive designs using front-end frameworks including Bootstrap, VueJs, Angular, AngularJs, NodeJs, Razor, Html5, Canvas, CSS3, Javascript, Typescript, jQuery and Saas applications such as Umbraco Cloud, JustVue, User Shift Manager, and MedSuperi.
  • Create custom desktop applications using WPF and XAML.
  • Build Progressive Web Apps and smartphone applications for Android and iOS operating systems, with Ionic and Apache Cordova.
  • Develop custom applications, and plugins using Umbraco Content Management System and nopCommerce eCommerce platform.
  • Develop secure API with JsonRTC, and Active Directory for communicating external applications to sensitive data, and applications.
  • Run and monitor software performance tests on new and existing programs to correct errors, isolate areas for improvement and general debugging.
  • Utilize Visual Studio 2022, Visual Studio Code, Microsoft SQL Server, MSSQL Management Studio, Postman, BrowserStack, Blisk, Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps, and Amazon AWS. Git, Mercurial, Svn, and other versioning tools.
  • Work with end users and business owners to prepare and document program requirements and specifications; identify and resolve issues; and identify and implement improvements and modifications.
  • Develop and maintain system documentation, including technical specifications, data mapping, program logic, flowcharts, instructions and computer programming standards and specifications.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related Computer/IT Engineering discipline + 1 year of experience in job offered or related occupation creating robust code for computer programs & mobile apps.

Work Location: 6452 Gentle Falls Ln, North Las Vegas, NV 89084-2025

 A full-time position.

 To apply: Fill out form on the right hand side of this posting or, mail resume to Opennology Solutions, LLC; 6452 Gentle Falls Ln, North Las Vegas, NV 89084-2025.

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Computer Programmer

Location: North Las Vegas, NV

Travel required: None


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