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Ad Campaigns, Social Media Presence, Posting, Watch Events, Blog Posts, Content Creation. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

Social Media Management Quote (Monthly Budget)
Account creation and configuration (one time).
Social media management fees include the following services:Social Media Workflow - Organizing, scheduling, and publishing content to social media channelsSocial Media Advertising - Ad planning, placement, optimization, and monitoring + built in minimum ad budget for Facebook, Instagram, and TwitterSocial Media Monitoring - Tracking relevant brand mentions, conversations and engagement opportunitiesSocial Media Engagement - Liking and sharing mentions and user generated content; Commenting, answering questionsPlease enter the number of times you would like to publish to each social media channel PER MONTH:
Live Videos & Events
Posts of live videos and events. Videos and Events are estimated on a per-instance basis.
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